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Designed by an avid sportfishing professional, the 1200 embodies all the characteristics that define a performance-class reel. The patent- pending IsoDrive™ efficiently delivers optimum power throughout all drive components, from handle to spool, with precision never seen before in a reel. Our ProTactive™ drag system ergonomically and dynamically adjusts drag pressures from ounces to pounds instantly, giving you maximum control and flexibility. All housed in a compact, lightweight, marine-grade package that can withstand the harshest of weather conditions and the hazards of long days of fishing. The 1200 fulfilled our designer’s vision of the perfect sportfishing reel. It can also fulfill your vision of a perfect fishing experience.

Design: Light, Sleek, Powerful

Weighing in at just 17 ounces, the Arribe 1200 is a powerhouse, yet light enough for all day comfort and easy casting. Great fishermen demand a lot from their gear and the 1200 is up to the challenge giving you the level of performance you crave. The 1200 has been precision designed with tight tolerances for “zero slop”. The smooth, anodized aluminum body has a bold, distinctive shape and is a pleasure to hold.

Carved from heat-treated billet aluminum and securely fastened with titanium screws into stainless-steel helicoil inserts, the shell of the 1200 is a strong, compact and lightweight package that fits as easily on your rod as it does in your hands.


The power of the 1200 is built around two oversized aluminum gears, each able to withstand loads in excess of 100,000 psi. With contact surfaces at least one-third wider than competing reels, and tolerances less than the width of a human-hair, precision technology ensures that maximum power is transmitted from the handle to the spool.

The moving parts of the 1200 glide effortlessly on the highest quality bearings available. Made with the same materials and precision used in Ferrari’s Formula 1 race cars, these SKF bearings not only meet the high ABEC 7 standards but are also treated to withstand a corrosive marine environment and keep your reel running smoothly for years. Ensuring positive drive system performance, dual IAR (Instant Anti-Reverse) bearings deliver the strongest, most reliable anti-reverse capability of any reel in its class.


From light touch to full stop, our patent pending ProTactive™ drag system combines an ergonomically placed drag lever and preset knob coupled with a strong carbon fiber brake against a titanium brake disk. The drag lever and preset knobs can be adjusted instantly without your hands leaving the reel. Constant drag pressure is ensured by the heat-dissipating nature of the titanium and the smooth, even performance of the carbon fiber.

Reversible Bellville Washers
Reversible Belleville washers allow quick customizing of drag ranges without changing CAMs (0-15lb, 0-25lbs) Picture of belleville washers in both configurations

Titanium Fasteners and Parts
Picture of various titanium parts? The 1200 makes extensive use of titanium screws and internal parts to ensure high strength, light weight, and corrosion resistance.

Two handle sizes are included in the box for strength and comfort: one for low torque situations and one for high torque situations

Marine Grade
Picture of wet reel? The Arribe 1200 is the only reel in its class that is designed for a marine environment. That seems hard to imagine with the number of reels on the market, but it’s true. Only the 1200 is build entirely from materials that are naturally anti-corrosive or have been treated with anti-corrision coatings. This means that your 1200 is a high performance powerhouse that will not deteriorate through use and exposure to saltwater.