The Arribe 1200 Offshore Casting Reel


The Arribe 1200 defines a new category of fishing reel – the performance reel. Performance products of all kinds, from sports cars to golf clubs, are designed by carefully integrating a set of key characteristics that are all required to achieve high performance. A performance fishing reel, then, is a unified tour de force that earns an angler’s confidence and pride. It is distinguished from normal reels by meticulously integrating these characteristics into a seamless system that delivers the best possible fishing experience.

Tight, Crisp Operation

Tight, crisp operation – A reel that has tight, crisp operation has:

a) smooth, accurate casting
b) fast, reliable drag adjustment
c) no slop – which promotes hard, solid hook sets with no lost opportunities. This also means no hard impacts on internal gears and shafts that could accelerate wear and even break internal parts over time.

You know that there is something special about the Arribe 1200 when you first hold it in your hands. In the same way that you can feel the road when driving a precision sports car, you can feel the spool when you turn the crank of the precision Arribe 1200 and you know you are in control. This confidence allows you to concentrate on the fight without worrying about your reel. The Arribe 1200 is designed with extremely tight tolerances where parts are aligned and set properly in the reel to maximize performance. There is no other reel like it.

Smooth, Constant Drag

Smooth, constant drag pressure gives an angler greater control and confidence. When drags get overheated during extended use, performance suffers. Overheating causes the drag materials to expand which leads to unpredictable changes in drag pressure. These unwanted changes in drag pressure can cause anglers to lose fish.

The Arribe patent-pending ProTactive™ Drag System uses Ballard carbon fiber materials against highly polished titanium plates. Titanium creates a smooth mating surface which rapidly dissipates heat and keeps drag pressure constant. Consistent drag pressure throughout the duration of the fight means landing more fish.


During a day of fishing, an angler will cast and reel in line many times. At some point, fatigue becomes a factor in casting accuracy and fighting ability. A lightweight rod and reel combination will help you be your best all day long. Heavy reels cause fatigue from all-day casting and also cause inaccurate casts as a result of poor weight distribution.

Creating the lightest reel possible was a key design goal for the Arribe 1200. Precision manufacturing and careful selection of materials has resulted in a reel that is both lightweight and incredibly strong. Using advanced computer aided design (CAD) and special machining operations, excess material has been carved out of the frame, housing, shafts, gears, and other internal parts while improving the overall strength of critical parts. The Arribe 1200 weighs just 17 ounces while utilizing large, high torque gears and stronger internal parts than any competing reel.

Superior Casting Distance and Accuracy

Accurate casting means putting the bait/lure in the Strike Zone more often which means getting bit more often. To make a long and accurate cast, the angler must be able to feel the weight of the bait or lure at the tip of the rod. The more an angler can “feel” the bait or lure, the more control they have over the cast.

The Arribe 1200 was designed for consistently longer, smoother casts. The 1200 incorporates a lightweight spool and low friction, SKF high precision bearings. This combination efficiently uses casting energy to quickly overcome start-up inertia and generate high spool RPMs which results in longer casts. The weight of the reel is shifted toward the bait/lure giving the angler greater control and casting accuracy. The Arribe 1200 delivers solid, confident casting.

Anti-Reverse Protection

The anti-reverse system manages the operation and interaction of all the critical components in a reel. Working in concert with other moving parts, a superior anti-reverse system gives the angler complete control over the reel’s performance. The 1200 employs a fail-safe IAR (Instant Anti-Reverse) system comprised of two SKF anti-reverse bearings. This is the strongest, most reliable anti-reverse for any reel in its class.


When a large fish takes the bait traveling 50 mph, the impact sends incredible forces through a reel. These forces will severely strain the gears, bearings, drive shaft, housing and anti-reverse. Fighting the fish will place high torque on the gears which will put stress on other key parts of the reel. Anglers need to know that their reel is can take this kind of punishment. Strength gives the angler that confidence.

The Arribe 1200 is the strongest reel in its class. The key components of the 1200 are designed to be stronger and are made from finest materials. The housing is milled from aircraft grade, heat treated 6061 aluminum. The oversized drive shaft is made from high grade, heat-treated titanium. The 1200 has dual high quality SKF anti-reverse bearings. The gears in the IsoDrive™ Gear System are coated with a military grade coating that makes the surface of the gears nearly as hard as diamonds. This is where a picture is worth a thousand words. A comparison image of our gears and a leading competitor’s gears may say it all. When you are fighting some of the biggest, strongest ocean predators, which gears do you want in your reel?


Over time, a typical reel starts to wear. The crank arm becomes loose, the bearings blow out, the gears wear and even structural parts, like screws, become sloppy and loose. When using a loose, sloppy reel, anglers lose confidence and may feel that they need to compensate for their reel.

The Arribe 1200 is made from high strength, wear-resistant materials and is precision built to tolerances that are half the width of a human hair. The 1200 has been designed with unprecedented attention to detail including specially designed locking screws that keep everything tight and crisp – just like the day you bought it. A confident day on the water begins by knowing that your equipment is solid, allowing you to focus on getting fish into the boat.


Most reels are not designed to operate in a marine environment. Exposing a reel to saltwater or even rain can jam parts and cause long term problems including corrosion and parts deterioration. Many reels have stainless steel gears, but stainless steel is not stainless when it is exposed to saltwater.

The durability of the Arribe 1200 is unmatched. It is the only reel built entirely from materials that are either inherently non-corrosive (titanium, beryllium copper, etc.) or have been treated with anti-corrosion coatings. No other reel on the market can make that claim. From the incredibly solid anodized aluminum frame to the oversized aircraft-grade, heat treated 7075-T6 aluminum gears to the ball bearings, shafts, screws, spacers, preset knob and clicker, the 1200 has been built to provide years of superior performance under toughest conditions out there.