Danny's Story

I have loved fishing since I caught my first trout as a four-year-old. My fishing journey has taken me from trout fishing in the lakes and streams of the Sierra to bass fishing at Lake Havasu to taking 16th place in the Southern Circuit Pro Tour. For most of my life I have been obsessed with fishing – how else would you describe bass fishing three days a week and watching back-to-back bass fishing television the other four days of the week? Along the way, a friend introduced me to saltwater fishing which has been my passion ever since, from inshore white seabass to offshore striped marlin—both of which are perfect targets for this perfect reel.

Based on my own experience, I believe that fishermen have way too many problems with their equipment. Catching big fish is hard enough when your equipment works perfectly. I have seen rods crack or break, reel bearings fail, gears bend and lockup, reels become sloppy with too much use, casting ability deteriorate over time, etc. These problems seem to happen at the worst possible time like just before a tournament or while you are on a 10-day long range fishing trip to Alijos Rocks.

My frustration with equipment problems has driven me to design a new generation of rods and reels that are uniquely better than any that have been available before. These new rods and reels embody my view of what contemporary tackle should be for targets like sailfish, marlin, tuna to over 100 pounds, yellowtail and white seabass. Arribe rods and reels are designed for fishermen who want the best possible fishing experience and choose the best equipment. These products are the lightest, strongest and most durable available. I love these and I know you will too.

Danny Uribe